ZMA is the official representative of the Medical Profession in Zambia

Continuous Medical Education

The CMEs organized by the ZMA will be driven through its committee on CMEs and this will be done at both national and provincial levels. In terms of the credit weight given to CME activities, there are various ratings under HPCZ for lectures/seminars/workshops, etc. However, this will need to be revised by the CME committee in order to expand what is currently prevailing.

Mandatory CMEs for non-specialist doctors

  • For none specialised doctors, the following will be mandatory:
    ALS (APLS or ATLS) – to be renewed depending on the expiry date. Doctors will be required to present a valid certificate of ALS to HPCZ. ZMA therefore shall be responsible for organising such trainings every year to ensure that members are well vest in managing emergencies.
  • Professionalisms and Medical ethics- (Preservice and every 5 years)
  • HIV
  • Management and care for HIV patients (Basic)
  • HIV management updates annually (online)

Mandatory CMEs for specialist doctors

  • For specialised doctors, the mandatory CMEs will depend on their specialty and the ZMA committee on CMEs will design what would be appropriate to allow renewal of their annual licences with HPCZ. This is important to ensure that excellence is upheld in all areas of practice.

The Zambia Medical Association via a collaboration with WCEA (Partner of the World Medical Association), is launching a free branded online platform and mobile app with FREE COVID-19 resources with an array of CPD resources for all medical practitioners.

Note: The Zambia Medical Association members will also have a WCEA account at the Health Professions Council of Zambia with access to mandatory CPD/CME.

Please complete your registration now so we can send you the instructions to download the App and your username and password.

Medical Journal of Zambia (MJZ) -
Vol 49 No 1

The Medical Journal of Zambia is an open access peer-reviewed quarterly journal intended for the publication of papers from all specialities of medicine (Internal Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynaecology) and their subspecialties, basic sciences, public health, social medicine and medical politics.

Medical Journal of Zambia

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