ZMA is the official representative of the Medical Profession in Zambia

Membership Benefits

Join the Zambia Medical Association in order to enjoy the many benefits that comes with your membership.

01/ Continuous Medical Education

We carry out regular CME’s for our members and award CPD points which are a Pre-requisite for continued registration with Health Profession Council of Zambia.

02/ Professional

All ZMA members are eligible for legal

03/ Insurance

All ZMA members are eligible for Motor Vehicle Insurance and Funeral Cover.

04/ Loans and Scholarships

Members have access to loans with some financial institutions such as banks and can also get discounts at some learning institutions such as Universities.

05/ Support for International Conference Attendance

ZMA creates a platform for members to attend International Conferences.

06/ And many more benefits

As a member of Zambia Medical Association, you enjoy these benefits and many more.

Our Mission

The Zambia Medical Association's Mission is to attain high levels of Excellency, dignity, public respect and trust in medical profession.

Our Vision

A healthy and productive nation through motivated doctors that uphold professionalism and Excellence

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