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Health Literacy Under the Tree.

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Zambia Medical Association sucessfully held a full day workshop tailored to community members of Lubasi Village. The workshop was a health literacy outreach in partnership with NEXT Einstein forum as part of Africa Science week.

Focussed group discussions promoting health seeking behaviours where held with the comunity on the following topics:

  • Mens health. (Prostate/ Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  • Womens health.
  • Hygiene habits.
  • Adolescents health (puberty and menstrual care)
  • First Aid for; snake bites, insect bites, drowning and burns care.

Participants walked away with knowledge on how to make reusable pads as they where taught how to step by step. Participants also walked away with insect bite ointments and how to apply them.The day ended with a Question and Answer feedback from the participants and personal one on one sessions from the village members.

ZMA would like to thank Dr Sompwe Chanda, Dr Sarah Nyangu and Dr Matolase Mtonga who spent the whole day facilitating the workshops and focussed group discussions with the support of the ZMA public Health Chair, Dr Dalal Naeem.

Congratulations to Dr Sompwe Chanda who in recognition by ZMA was nominated for the Women in Science award by Next Einstein Forum. Dr Sompwe was shortlisted and awarded with 6 other women for her continued strides she has made in Zambia for her contribution to Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

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