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Gender Based Violence, The Youth Speak Out.

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As a community we have the responsibility to ensure that we protect, provide and empower our young generation especially the girl child.

At the aerobics session today, we has a shared experience from Margaret. Margaret is a Lusaka resident who shared her story of over a decade of GBV in her marriage. Her message was to the youth. She reports her son decided to take matters into his hands and empowered his mom (Margaret) to seek help from Victim Support Unit. Margaret requests the youth to help women and many others to break their cycle of GBV.

“Youth need to help because if it was not for my son, I was just waiting, I did not know what to do as society and communities say this is a marriage. that was our generation. I was married in 1997, my first born was born in 1998. 1997 to 2013, I was living with GBV. My first born helped me get out of the cycle of GBV.”

Zambia Medical Association, Public Health chair Dr. Dalal Naeem echoed Margaret’s story and expressed concern as there are many Margaret’s living among us today. Dr Dalal explained that GBV can be physical violence, psychological and emotional violence. He urges citizens to come forward and seek medical attention as many feel health care providers will judge. However he expressed that as Health Care providers and doctors,

  • We will not judge GBV.
  • We will not blame GBV.
  • We will listen to GBV.
  • We will not tell GBV what to do.
  • We will not make GBV report the case to the police, until and unless they are ready to.
  • We want what’s best for GBV’s well-being.

Zambia Medical Association joined the global community in commemorating 16 Days of GBV in partnership with Whisper a dream foundation, Team Busy, Zambia Sugar, Russian Science and cultural center, Lusaka Global Shapers Hub and Diamond TV

In keeping with the theme, ZMA thanks Whisper A dream foundation and all partners for bringing light to the 2019 theme of GBV which is

“Orange the World: Generation Equality Stands against Rape!”

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